Let there be Love.

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One Direction is my life. I will love them forever and always. <3

Yo sé un poco español. Hable conmigo!

I think I’m going to make a new tumblr account. For different reasons, one in particular, but other little reasons as well. Like, I don’t really like my style of blogging, some of the pictures I’ve posted, etc. It won’t be a big loss though, seeing as I’ve had this tumblr for about a year but I actually started posting lots of consistent pictures in august or september. And I also only have 171 followers, which is really a lot for me, haha, but I’ve stopped gaining them and tumblr isn’t about the number of followers anyways. For me, it’s a personal blog with my opinions, the things I love and a place that I can look back on in however many years and think to myself that that’s what I wanted when I was 15, that was what I thought about, dreamed of and came up with. So If you want the link to my new blog, message me on this account. <3

I always try to be kind to people and not be rude or mean, even if I truly hate someone, but sometimes TWO FACED BITCHES (or one in particular) can just f*cking RUIN MY DAY!

Someday I want to move out of America or at least just spend a year somewhere in Europe. I want to get out of this soon-to-be socialist country and away from all the pure shit that transpires here.